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This is my NLP guide, more like a scrapbook really. Some is notes from my reading and some is my own work. NLP means "Neuro Linguistic Programming." It often falls under the terms, self-help, hypnosis, personal power, but it's all basically the same. Learning to program and control your emotions through confidence, commitment and decision. These should lead to more powerful beliefs that make you into the person you really are inside.

Last Updated 8/23/2003

Life WILL rarely go to plan, so plan for it to go in unexpected directions

Write a list of good things, that make you feel confident and secure and self-respecting. Now when you're feeling low, read the list out loud, remind yourself of your good actions, times and qualities. If you don’t respect yourself, most other people will not respect you either.

The only thing stopping you from not being the in the emotional condition you want to be in is your own position that moving forward 'may' hurt more than not moving forward, while reality should be that not moving forward 'will' hurt you more than actually going there.

Actively relax and multi-task your time.

You are not living your life, YOU ARE YOUR LIFE!

Only person who is really greedy is the one who can’t have enough.

Do not think I 'should'; Think 'I will'

Only challenge can improve you

We must know the 'why' before we can discuss the 'how'

Just because your goal did not succeed does not mean that you in your efforts did not succeed

It is not intelligence that separates one person from another; it is the ability to self-sustain and achieve your goals.

You're only crazy when you lie to yourself about who you really are

Don't want it, make it

Only you can change your own life

Your own mind is the greatest piece of technology you'll ever own.

Make a choice, accept it, commit to it and accept the rewards and or consequences, completely and FULLY!

Do not focus on what you are anti.; Focus on a positive, focus on what you are PRO

Focusing on how the situation is unfair does not change it for the better. If anything it is wasting time that could be used to improve it.

Utilize the power of beliefs

You know you have met another rational and intelligent person when you can agree to disagree

If you do not decide where you life is going, someone else will

It's only unhealthy if it's causeing a problem.
If it is, find the benefit of issuing the problem and then find a mor ehealthy means to get the same benefit.

Fate comes in and out of out lives. Sometime we may welcome it, and others it may be unwarranted. The key is to learn when you should cherish it and when you should ignore it and blaze your own path. True, no one could tell you which moments will be which. However, a helpful friends advice can never hurt.

It is better to fail than never have tried at all, because at least you did it!

It is better to live and die a failure than not live at all.

The antithesis of procrastination
The idea: it can wait till tomorrow
The antithesis: Tomorrow may never come

The assertion: All you have to do is Die and pay Taxes
I disagree, All you have to do is Die and be victim to circumstances.
Everything else is choice

Prescription of and description of success
1. Clearly decide what you want, what are committed to
2. Take action to make it happen
3. Notice what works and what does not
4. Change your approach e till you succeed

Goals need a plan
1.Personal development

1. Pain must be associated to old pattern
2. Notice and make sure pleasure for your new patterns
3. Align the new pattern with your values, beliefs and personal rules
4. Benefits of the old pattern are still there
5. The change must be long term

1. Decide what you really want and what’s preventing it now. What you DO what, not what you DON’T want!
2. Get leverage on your self. Not doing it, must hurt more than doing it
3. Disrupt your living pattern, to make room for the new habits
4. Create an alternative, be a long-term thinker
5. Condition yourself to the new pattern. Military is discipline conditioning. Be intense, failure is not an option. Schedule it, to know it. Reward your achievements, no matter how small.
6. Test the new pattern. It MUST fit into your life and not negatively effect other essential parts.
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