the happy insomniac (happyinsomniac) wrote,
the happy insomniac


Respect, it’s really all most people want.

I manage a take out restaurant. It’s not like a McDonalds or anything. We cook kitchen food but it’s for take out. I sometimes work the counter and take orders. Other places in our plaza complain about drunks and high people. I have had no problems with them because I know how to talk to them.

When stoned people come in I don’t give them the attitude of “I want you high ass out of here.” I speak like they are my best friend.

“Hey, how you guys doing? You dudes look like you’re feeling pretty good! Got the munchies?”

I talk the same way to drunks. “You boys having a few more with this? Pound back a few for me buddy.”

I treat them like an equal and they behave just fine and treat me and my place with respect. By the time the punk stoners are leaving I usually get a “have a good night man and thank you for the food.”

They drop the attitude and treat me with respect. All people want is to be treated with respect.
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