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The Female Self Image

The Female Self Image

Recently I have been having a lot of thoughts on this issue. I keep seeing all these ‘ana’ sites in the web and in LJ. Ana, meaning anorexic. I’ve always found this to be ultra not cool.
The fact that girls/women feel so inhibited by them selves that they starve and or purge their food pains me. I have a friend who has been this way for many years. No matter how much I try to reason with my attempts are in vein. If the average man wants to base his choices on girls based on how much of a rake she looks like then maybe the average girl should not be concerned with the average male. Most guys are primitive, less evolved then most women. However, some and a growing number have a large attraction to women based on confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness. I personally am not a fan of the really skinny women; I prefer some meat on the body, with a nice set of hips. The last thing I ever want to see is ribs. That looks sick, literally.

Even beyond this, don't mistake thin for fit. People, male and female, like a fit person, women think to men, fit mean skinny. It means tight/toned.

Then I think if men are so into pressuring girls for ‘thin’ bodies how come women do not do the same? How come the media doesn’t show every guy to have a nice 6 pac, with pecks and big thick ol cock? They should! That way girls can always go on about how hot that dude is, and how’d they like to suck him off and screw his brains out. Then I think men would be a lot more insecure about their bodies and relate to how girls feel. And lay the fuck off with pressuring them.

My GF is a little pudgy, this bothers her. I noticed her cutting down on eating. I tripped out. I told her that it is not an issue for me, but if a better shaped body is that important to her then I’d jog with her and get her a gym membership, as long as she promised to eat properly, anything other than have her abuse her body.

Dudes, these are our sisters, mothers, nieces, daughters and friends. Treat them with the same respect you’d expect some dude to treat your sister.

That said, even the world was full of lesbians, they would still all want to be the hottest lezbo!
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