the happy insomniac (happyinsomniac) wrote,
the happy insomniac

A coffee shop commentary

*Written while enjoying a coffee and filling out my organizer*

I feel very confident right now, my energy is strong. The girls/women in here have almost all checked me out; the loud teenage skater kids shut up when I look their way

There is this emo kid, who looks rather queer, sorry time to be politically correct, he looks ‘feminine’. He keeps fixing his hair in the window reflection. His girlfriend is very cute. She is wearing a nice denim skirt and jacket. I love denim on females. She does not seem very amused by him; she is doing no smiling. I get the impression she is very sexually unsatisfied. Each time he gets up for something she starts smiling at me. I like it [a lot], however, I am too old for this girl, not by much but enough. Yes, my Alpha waves must be quite high right now.

There is very loud flamer over in the corner. I would enjoy slapping him upside his head. I don’t like flamers. I have gay friends but they are not flamers. Flamers need some ass kicking. People say that is prejudice. I say it is not, because I am not a fan of stanchy-macho-wops either.

I think posture is very important in holding a degree of sexual prowess.
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